Survivors Outreach Ministries

Peer Mentor Advocacy & Court Support Services

Peer Support Advocacy services teaches survivors to become their own advocates so that they are empowered and better able to break away from the cycle of violence and to enable them to “rehabilitate their lives”.


Who We Are

Our Roots

Survivors Outreach Ministries was created by domestic violence survivors expressing the necessary resources needed when escaping, planning to leave, and how "NOT" to return to a domestic violence relationship. The lack of on- going support for survivors, accompanied by the difficulties we and other survivors found themselves in trying to navigate resources, services and contradictory messages found in the system, It became apparent to us that others attempting to escape may not have close family relations to serve as a support system. Most DV programs do not provide long-term support and individually assist survivors in navigating a very complex system of services and resources. Knowing that this would be a problem for other Survivors as well, the idea of Survivors Outreach Ministries began to form. Our founder gathered a group of survivors to put together the first DV Peer Mentor Advocacy program specifically designed solely for Survivors of Domestic Violence in Mecklenburg County and surrounding Areas.  Specialized DV Peer Support Services and support are necessary to empower victims to leave and stay out of the cycle of of abuse. With the help and support of other Survivors, victims find someone who they can identify with and in time can lead them on the road to recovery from abuse.
The objectives of Survivors Outreach Ministries are to: (1) improve their overall well-being, (2) promote mental, emotional, spiritually, and financial healing. (4) define and encourage healthy relationships, (5) promote stability and improve social competency by helping survivors access local and community resources (5) bridge the gap between domestic violence services and substance abuse/mental health treatment, (6) provide legal education and court advocacy, and (7) promote social change and support justice initiatives with a Emphasis on Family Court Reform in NC and Restorative Justice in the Court System.
We partner with other community organizations to provide support to domestic violence survivors and those involved in the criminal justice system, family courts, and juvenile dependency through court support and confronting injustices and corruption in our Judicial System. .

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 “You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren’t alone.”

Jeanne McElvaney

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